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About Us

Like all great ideas, Afamado started with a simple shopping trip. As we shopped with friends and family for two hours, what should have been simple pleasure turned into frustration and disappointment as we realized not everyone was finding things. A close friend who happens to be a size XL wasn’t even able to try anything trendy on let alone buy something. It was an eye opening experience that showed us a massive gap in the market for plus size dresses. From that experience, the Afamado was born. We picked the name Afamado because we believe that every woman should own her truth and feel beautiful and graceful in what she wears.”Afamado” means celebrity in Spanish. Every woman should feel special , like a celebrity ,It shouldn’t matter if you are a size S or a size 6X, clothing should make you feel sexy, confident, fun, flirty, and any other bevy of exciting emotions that bring out the simple joys of life. We stand for truth in sizing so you pick the right thing for your body type. A major part of that process is custom tailoring each piece to fit you perfectly. Every woman is uniquely and beautifully different and that is the truth!